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We thrive on understanding people
and delivering the sharpest insights. 
Why? Because at Tiny Horse Studio
we are passionate about designing
great experiences.

Together we can:

1. Get the very best start

Together we can scope your project to ensure the best possible outcome.

We will steer you towards the most relevant outcome and lay out goals

and a plan a to get there, involving all the relevant stakeholders.

2. Extract the deepest insights

Building on your knowledge we dive deep into the field to bring you the

most relevant findings. Through observation, interviews and tests we deliver the sharpest user insights to ensure the success of your service or product.

3. Chart a strategic direction

Together with you we chart the most relevant strategic course for the project. Working through opportunity spaces we transform knowledge into a concrete and actionable implementation plan. Voila! You are good to go.

Together we can

Get in touch

Send us your thoughts on your project and let’s get started!

You will hear from us soon <3

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